I have had a burning interest in Volkswagens since the early seventies. Over the years I have owned Beetles, cabrios, Type 3, Type 4 and a K 70. Now I have found that a theme runs through my collection: Karmann only. I have had the ´51 cabrio and the Ghia for ages. Then in 2000 i finally found a very nice ´74 Scirocco.

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Wilhelm Karmann GmbH in Osnabrück, Germany was an independent car manufacturer. They have built cars for VW since 1949: VW Cabrio Type 1, Karmann Ghia Type 1 and 3, Scirocco, Golf Cabrio, Corrado etc. They have built, primarily convertibles, for other companies including Audi, Ford, BMW, Mercedes, and Jaguar among others. In 2009 they went bankrupt.

Scirocco 1974
Ghia 1958
Cabrio 1951

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