This is how you rebuild your Limousine semaphores to fit a Cabrio 1953-1959


The Limousine semaphore was made by, at least, two vendors SWF and Stribel. Only the SWF one is possible to modify.
Two things are necessary: A fully functioning SWF semaphore and a very understanding family, as you will spend many cursing hours at the kitchen table.

OK let's build:

1 Straighten the angle where the lower end of the coil is.

2 Straighten the hook that hooks on at the upper mounting on the car.

3 Remove the plastic lens. Cut of the blocking for the semaphore arm (so it can lie deeper in resting position) Bend the arm carefully so it get the same rounding as the carbody. If this works the semaphore now will lay flat with the carbody. But it does not look so nice at the upper part of the arm where the metal is bent in

4 Take your best pliers, bend the metal out. Fill it with tin and smooth it with a file.

5 Now it is time to cut the plastic lens. This is not an easy task! When the lens is cut down you will find out that neither the fastening screw nor the lamp fits any more. You will have to drill a new hole for the screw lower down, and thread it. Then it is "only" to bend the contacts for the lamp so it fits again.

6 Now you may think that the job is finished, but no. The Limousine semaphore locks in a higher position than the Cabrio semaphore. This must be adjusted Limit the semaphores top position by screwing or welding a small metal piece at position 6.

7 Make a small adjustment here so the semaphore fits more nicely I down

8 The only thing that now lacks I something to stop the arrow in down position. The best solution is to slip a small rubber hose on the lower screw for the electric connection.

9 Fit the semaphore on the car, drill a new hole to fasten it, connect the wiring, Ready!

10 Repeat step 1-9 for the second semaphore.

Good luck!

Remember that you rebuild on your own risk, if you ruin a perfectly working semaphore, don´t blame me!

A image to print is here!
It is in scale 1:1 so you could use it to make measurements.

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