Windows to choose from

June 2 1949 - Sept 30 1952
First version. Very small. Fitted from the inside with a lot of small screws. No chrome trim.

Oct 1 1952 - 1957*
Slightly larger and now fitted from the outside, in the same fashion as the windscreen is fitted. Chrome trim (was aluminium up to March 9 ´53)

Even though the VW Cabrio looks basically the same over the +30 years of production there are almost not a single part that are identical (including nuts and bolts). This also applies to the rear window. To my knowledge the rear window has been enlarged 4 times

1958 - 1964
Larger, what else!
On this car is the window not perfectly fitted, especially the chrome trim.

1965 - 1974
Larger. From ca ´69 it was possible to order the window electrically heated.

1975 - 1979
Yet again larger. The chrome trim was made redundant.

*from 1957: Year means model-year meaning the model that is produced from August the year before (model ´58 starts in August ´57).

More pictures of Cabrios from behind (some are the same as above but not cropped down): 1956, 1958, 1965, 1970, 1975

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