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Materials, tools etc

Headliner and top-cover can be bought in many qualities. A good saddler, like TopĀ“nĀ“Trim, normally uses only the original quality bought from Germany. Consider that for an amateur doing this for the first time it is complicated enough without bothering about poor fitting, a cheap top may also not last for so long. Vinyl is original from 1967 but you can buy woven material, for example Sonnenland, to the newer cars to. For older cars Sonnenland is the only alternative. Do not even consider cheaper alternatives, it is just a waste.
You can also buy a new paddingbag, if the old one is not reusable.
Woddenparts or plastic replacements is bought after what is needed. Top Ā“nĀ“ Trim choose wood for the front bow and plastics for the main bow.
Repair parts for the frame, wires, springs may also be needed. Always consider new wires, as the often snap after a few years in use, even if the old ones seems ok.
Cloth for the paddingbag
New rubber sealings on the frame.

Consumptions materials:
Glue, staples(rustfree), nails, needle and tread, sprayadhesive and some string

Internationally there are many firms that sells materials so I cannot recommend any, search the web and you will find!
But I have one small recommendation, If you have a local dealer, buy there, because if you have anything to complain about it is much easier then to have to send the things back across maybe half the world.

The only extraordinary is a staplegun, preferably electric or airpressure. Make a wooden tool for the rear edge as shown here.
For repairs on the frame you will need welding equipment etc.

I do not know about costs in other countries but the job shown here cost totally about 2000 USD excl VAT in Sweden in 1999. The workpart cost about 700 USD. Contributing to the high cost for this car was a new rearwindowframe and a lot of rustrepairs on the frame.

Note everything when dismantling. Take some pictures. One clue if you need it: the measure between the rear edge of the body and the middle of the mainbow is ca 22 inch (57 cm) on almost all cars, but it may vary...
The parts of the frame is seen here

Can you do this?
Off course, if you are normally handy, have plenty of time, a good place to do the work and someone to lend you helping hand from time to time.
We (TopĀ“nĀ“Trim and Jan-Anders Lindqvist) take no responsibility to any failures from your side when using this instruction. If you are uncertain, go to a professional.

Good Luck!

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