New top on
Volkswagen Cabriolet

This is a description on how Top ´n´ Trim shop, a saddler in Helsingborg, Sweden, renews the top on a VW Cabrio 1302 1971.
The procedure to do it is practically the same on for all years from 1949-79. But on older cars the top cover should be of textile, preferably quality Sonnenland, and the top is also mostly nailed on.
From model 1973 (1303) the front header bow is of steel, and any repair of rust is normally not necessary.
Thanks to Gert on Top ´n´ Trim for pictures and help with the description!

Part 1 - Dismantling and restoration of the frame

Part 2 - Headliner and top padding

Part 3 - Top padding continued, Top cover, and rear window

Material, tools etc

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