Are You in need for new sills?

This is how I did it

In 1990 When I had my Cabrio 1951 for ca five years, finaly the cabrio sills where totally rotten. An inspection showed that there was at least three layers of metal! The sills had been welded many times. The only alternative was to cut it all away and start from new. There was more job to do then just the sills as the following pics will show.
The way to do it really properly is to lift the body, but I was very reluctant do that as that is a lot of job and I would probably not get the job done in one winterseason. The problem is to weld on the inside where to body meet the chassis. The solution I choose was to make the sills in two parts inside and outside. If you look at my drawing and pictures you will grip how I made it.
One problem was the hole for the jack. I could not find a square profile that was the right size. So I tried to weld one together by my self, and to weld it in with a lot of inforcements, but that was not enough, it was to weak and I know have to drive around with an extra jack in the car. So really try to make it strong!

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