To change the side wires

Per Gunnar Otttosen in Norge hve sent me this description on how to renew the side wire. His Cabrio has been imported from Californa and has run omly 40000 km´s.

Thank you Per Gunnar for the help!

This is how you do it:

1. Fold the top to open position.

2. Remove the foremost side sealing on the frame.

3. Remove the plastic cover that hides the seam between inner and outer layers.

4. Carefully loosen the outer vinyl ca 25 cm from each corner. Just loosen so much that you can pull the top away to reach the spring.

5. Fold the top 90 degrees in upright position. Now you should be able to see the wire and spring inside the frame.

6. In the opposite end, the wire is fastened in the middle of the third part of the topframe. The easiest way to find it is to sit in the rear seat and look under the inner roof.

7. Pull out the old wire. The new wire is adjustable in length. Adjust it to the same length as the old one. It is very important that you do this right since there is no adjustment possible when the wire is fitted.

8. Pull in the new wire with steel wire etc.

9. Hook on the wire in the rear end first.

10. Hook on the front end on the wire on the spring and hook on the spring in the frame. Check that the wire is not caught in the joints and moves freely.

11. Clean the frame and vinyl from any old impact adhesive. Use white spirit. Apply the impact adhesive on both surfaces and let it dry before you put the vinyl back. While you wait: grease all joints on the top frame, you have probably thought of doing this anyway.


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