The rear window must fit properly!

A really bad example:

This is how it should look like:

On the blue car the top is very badly fitted and the rear window is a disaster. The wiper is probably just there for fun. But the cover over the airintake is no fun. If you have trouble with the ignition in wet weather, fix the igintion instedad. The risk that the engine will run hot is very big. So do not do this!
On the red car the rear window is fitted correctly with crome trim.
Both cars are 1302

Thanks to Barry Oliver who sent the picture

If it is leaking...

...It may in the end result in this (see picture on the left). The frame (wood and steel) quickly disintegrates if the windows leaks water, which is does sooner or later. The window should be in line with the top and not sunken in. If it leaks for a long time the frame will be completely destroyed and can no longer hold the window in place. A new frame is fairly expensive AND complicated to renew - you may have the renew the top to! New frames are available to all years (not from VW they only have the frame from 1975 onwards).
The conclusion is: If you discover a leak: see to it at once. If you see a badly fitted rear window on a car you are to buy: reduce the price, and reduce a lot if the top itself is new (Bad workmanship!). Probably there are a lot if other things wrong under the new top.

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