Rotate the mirror!

In the fifties it looked like this, the lower position is used with the top closed and the upper position when the top is open. If the mirror is missing you will have to remake a ordinary mirror from a sedan. I had to do this on my Cabrio -51

In -65 the interior light was moved from a position just above the rear window to the mirror arm. The difference between the lower and upper position is not so big, but it makes a big difference to the rear view. The mirror sometimes brakes at rotating so be careful if you try to rotate a mirror that have not been rotated for many years (many Cabrio owners never discover this facility!). To find a new one is difficult today.

The two upper images are from a 1958 workshop manual, and the two lower ones from a 1974 sales brochure

In 1965 to 1967 the mirror looked like this:

Photo: Lars Løkken, Norway

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