A Cabrio 1958 restoration

And a good look at the reinforcements

When someone is making a complete rebuild of a car it is a good opportunity to take some pictures of parts of the car that normally is more or less hidden. I had this opportunity with a 1958 cabrio that is completely stripped apart. Actually not much of the original car is left: 5-6 other cabrios and sedans have been used to get parts to this car.
Thanks to Joakim Berntsson in Onsala, Sweden who let me take these pictures.

Note that the body on these pictures is separated from the chassis. This is a good idea when you make a complete rebuild of the car. But it is a complicated task on a cabrio.
When you remove the chassis this often results in two loose parts of the body: one front- and one rear end. To put these correctly together again you need a lot of equipment and knowledge. Don't try this unless you really know what you are doing!

The rear part (behind the rear seat)

This picture speaks for it self. But you may wonder what those small metal parts that sticks up are. They holds the wooden bow where the top is nailed on (up to -65). For more info see this page. The side of the body (on the left in the picture) has a grey part that comes from another cabrio

The crossframe under the rear seat.

Also note that the door openings are rounded. The cabrios sides are thicker to make them stronger and to make room for the side windows. Therefore the rearseat is narrower. The rearseat of completely different to the sedan seat. It is practically impossible to convert a sedan seat to fit a convertible. So The rear seat is a vital part so don`t buy a cabrio without it!

Inside torpedo

This white part is welded in from another car. The front body sides are doubled on the Cabrio. Even here you can note de rounded door openings.

Inner strenghtening in the front luggage compartment

Note that the windscreenframe goes down in the body. Behind the car you can see the restored chassis just waiting for the body to be finished.

The Cabrio sill

Maybe the most obvious strenghtening part on the cabrio. Without this you have a very weak car. I have seen cabrios being driven without it. Dangerous, don`t do it! Read more here.

Differences over the years?

Yes the design of the parts have changed over the years but the function has remained. All models basicallly have the same strenghtening parts.
See the car painted!

Herman Henderickx in Belgium have made a nice documentation of the retoration of his 1970 Cabrio
Many detailed pictures with description on how the work is done, take a look!

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