This is a weak spot!

 This text only applies to the models up to 1972:
The front header bow has gone wery bad on the blue car. A thick sealing is fitted all along the top of the windscreenframe to keep draft and rain out. A large gap in the middle (yellow arrow) and/or extra sealings on the windscreen frame means that there is something wrong. Originally there are no sealings on the windscreen frame. The sealing is on the bow and the top material is covering it. Finally: if you press hard you will feel that the bow is soft and the only alternative is to replace it.
This is fairly complicated because the top is glued on the bow and is best done when the top itself needs replacement. The front part of the top frame where it joins the bow is often rusty and needs to be welded (there is replacement parts to weld in).
To replace the top and not replace a poor front header bow is not very wise, so check this closely before buying a cabrio.

On the red car the bow seems to be alright, but the top itself could have been fitted more carefully. There is to little padding. A perfect top is round and soft and not flat on top like this.

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