VW 1303 Cabriolet 1977, US-model, those special details  

The only other car i know of that has this silly thing also has a name that starts with Vol...

Single pipe
The exhaust is special with only one tailpipe. With or without cat depends on wish state it was sold in as new.
This car was sold in Florida and has no cat.

This car has no air conditioning. But if it would, the condensers place is behind these louvres under the front bumper

Make no mistakes
In the US you can be sued for anything. So badges with warnings makes you safe (as manufacturer).
This badge is located on the rear right side panel

The injection engine really fills up the engine compartment. But it works. This car has been driven since 1977 without any big problems. Maybe it helps that it has had one fairly careful owner since new.

Not only USA
From -77 the Cabrio had adjustable headrests. The only real update that happened after -75.

In US the bumpers had to take a crash in, i believe, 4 or 5 mph without damage to the body. VW solved this with these one way one time shock absorbers and stronger bumpers on a large distance from the body.

Indicators with side positioning lights was required in US. So the indicator was never moved to the front bumper as on the European cars. Even the taillight are different, but that is not so obvious as they look the same on the outside.
The extremely ugly and vulgar Excalibur had both indicators and taillights from VW US Cabrio for many years!

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