VW 1303 Cabriolet, US-model

US Cabrio 1979, picture from sales broschure

 I believe that this applies from ca 73-74:
Indicators with side positioning lights. Stronger, higher positioned bumpers that are fastened to the body with energy absorbers. Headlamps are of Sealed Beam type so the whole thing has to be renewed when the bulb goes! OK if you live in the US where new ones can be bought everywhere, but bad in Europe. It is easy to fit the normal H4 headlamps instead. The taillights are also different because of the side position lights.
The engine has 48 hp with fuel injection and runs on unleaded but it does not always have a cat (depending of in which State it was first sold). The fuel injection (Bosch) itself is fairly uncomplicated for a fuel injection. But many parts in the very cramped engine compartment are different. Also The exhaust is completely different. All parts are available but they cost a lot as they are not in normally in stock in Europe. You will probably also have to wait a long time to get parts. The other problem is that no VW garage knows these systems. The best thing is to buy a US workshop manual and do it yourself. Or just put in a normal 1600-engine with carburetor!
The European Cabrios have disk brakes in front but the US cars have drum brakes. Why? I don`t know!
On the body behind the bumper there are louvers for the condensor if the car has AC (not unusual)
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Missing the manual? Download the complete '77 manual for Cabrio and Sedan!

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