Buyers Guide
Part 4
US cars imported back to Europe

If you live in the US, skip this part!

If you live in the US, skip this part!The US-sold Cabrios differ a lot from the European ones. Especially from around ´73.
Stronger bumpers, special indicator lights on the front wings, sealed beam headlights, different taillights, drum brakes on all four wheels (could anyone please explain this to me), Fuel injection with or without catalytic converter. It is not unusual for them to have air conditioning.


Some years had a very plastic wooden imitation on the dashboard.
Most parts are of available but extra expensive and difficult to get. And who knows how to repair the fuel injection? Not any normal VW-shop! Maybe you could get help from a special Bosch-service agent.
Take all this in consideration when buying a US-Cabrio.

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