Buyers Guide
Part 3
Chrome and mouldings


The side windowframes often gets rusty. I doubt that there are any parts avaliable anymore. So rechroming is the only alternative. If the car has bad side window frames try to knock down the price.
Rusty bumpers is not so nice, but there are new ones to buy. The quality varies so be careful.
The aluminum side trimmings are also made new, so that is no big problem either.


Just a few bad mouldings?

You may believe that some torn seals could easily be replaced and not be so expensive. But that is not so. They costs a lot and there are 33 of them just to seal of the passenger compartment! The most expensive are the outer scrapers who can only be bought complete with chrome trim (from 1966). And some are also fairly complicated to fit (esp. the inner and outer scrapers and the ones on the top frame)

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