Build the aeroboard from Plexiglas

This is an alternative that works on all models. But the exact solution for your model could vary. These pictures shows how a friend has done on his -54 Cabrio. If you could use the hold for the seatbelts there is no need to make any extra holes. See these pictures as an inspiration for your own solution. There is no exact description available. This solution has some advantages: The aeroboard could be mounted higher and does not catch the eye so much. The disadvantage is that the mounting/unmounting procedure is a little more complicated.

Cab 54 aeroboard 1

Cab 54 aeroboard 2

Cab 54 aeroboard 1

 How it was done:

The glass is plexi glass 3 or 4 mm thick.
The hinge is bought in a hardware store. In Sweden it's called "piano hinge". It is the type used on a lid of a piano. It is long and thin. They come chromed or in brass finish. I screwed the hinge to the plexi glass.
I lock the sheet in unfolded position by slidding a U-shaped aluminium profile on top of it. It is standard stuff and mine is of polished aluminium. Can probably be found where you buy the plexi glass. When not used I store all of the stuff behind the rear seat.

The only part that may be tricky to build, is the fittings to the interior car side. My car is equipped with safety belts, and I use that hole to fastened an fixture to hold the aeroboard. A fixture can be made by a piece of the same U-profile mentioned above, welded or riveted to a flat piece of metal, which in turn is fasted to the interior car side, exactly where depends on the damage you want to do on your car. You can fasten it I guess under the side upholstery below the rear side window, and let it stick up a bit.

To prevent the aero board to slide down in the fixture, I have glued a small piece of plexi to the aerobord, so that the small piece sits on top of the fixture U-profile. I used AC glue. You may want to slide a shorter U-profile on the bottom edge of the aeroboard as well.
Note there must be a 10-15 cm gap between the rear seat and the board. A moderate draught will come through here and hit your legs and feet instead of a stronger one hitting your rear head and shoulders. Turn on the heat to compensate the slight draught.
Good luck!

Arne Nilsson

Simple solution for older cars

More complicated solution for all cars

Simple solution for model ´72 or newer

Nice solution for all cars

You can buy one ready made!

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