The aeroboard is already there!

 I bet you didn't know! All Cabrios from model -72 has the aeroboard built in. As a matter of fact I did not know either until this happened:

Some years ago I owned a 1972 1302 Cabrio. One beautiful evening I was cruising on the highway at ca 110 km/h with the top down. It was beginning to be a little chilly and I was thinking of getting the top up. Then it suddenly happened: the rear seat flew forward by the air blow. The shelf that should go over the rear luggage compartment flew up. A wonderful calmness entered and I happily drove on for several km´s. The built in aeroboard was discovered!

All you have to do is to fold down the backseat and lift up the shelf. At ca 50 km/h it stands up by it self and drops down automatically at lower speeds. If this is inconvenient it is easy to make a small support.

Easy isn't it?

Simple solution for older cars

More complicated solution for all cars

Simple solution for model ยด72 or newer

Nice solution for all cars

You can buy one ready made!

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