Make an aeroboard for your pre 1955 Cabrio

Cab 51 aeroboard 1

Cab 51 aeroboard 1

This solution is only possible on cars older then 1955 because then the rear seat was moved backwards. Making this fairly simple metod impossible.

How it works:
The aeroboard rests on the backseat and is pressed against the vertical fold on the inside just behind the doors. This really work. The pictures below are from my -51 cabrio . I have have tested it for several years with full satisfaction though it tends to loose grip in high speed over long distances.

This is how I made it:

1. Make a template in cardboard ca 50 cm high (mine is 51 cm). If you like, you can try a few cm´s more, but my height is sufficient. The width is adjusted to the cars width. Wide lower down and narrow higher up. Make it fit tight! It must be pressed in place. If the cardboard is rigid enough you could even testdrive it.

2. When you are satisfied with the template buy a piece of thin plywood (my is 4 mm thick). Cut it after the template. As this board is very clumsy to handle I cut it in two pieces and fitted a piano-hinge (I´m not sure if that is the right word). Then it is easy to fold and fit behind the rear seat. Mount it and test drive. Now it is better to have made it slightly to large and file it down, or else...

3. Cover the board with a suitable cloth. I found a grey one to my grey car. Glue it on over the whole surface.

4. Ready!


Good luck! And please let me know your experiences if you try this solution.

 Cab 51 aeroboard 1

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