One of the most wanted parts for 1950:ties Cabrios is the semaphore indicators if you live in Europe. In US they had flashing indicators from 1955, the European car did not get that until 1960.
Up to 1952 the semaphores was of the same model as for the Limousine, but from ´53 the semaphores was a special model for the Cabrio. If you try to fit a semaphore from a Limousine you will find that it is too large to fit nicely.
Benny Tiles, who lives in Stockholm, had this problem when he restored a 1955 Cabrio. He solved this problem by modifying a Limousine semaphore. It is not a simple task. But if you don't have any alternative
The semaphore on this page is a NOS Cabrio semaphore made by SWF, VW part number 151 953 021 B. Is it not beautiful!

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