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I, Jan-Anders Lindqvist, have taken active part in the Swedish VW Cabrio Club for 20 years, the last years as president of the Club. Unfortunately the club no longer exists but my knowledge of the VW Cabrio can be useful for all of you that loves this beautiful little car.

Start here - read this first, gives you the basics, before and after you have bought a car
Definiton of a VW Cabrio - there is only one VW cabriolet, the Beetle Cabrio!
Buyers Guide - all you need to know, good to read even if you already have a car
Year by year - what has changed over the years
Tips and tricks - things that make your life with cabrio easier
Problems - how to recognize and avoid them
Do it yourself - bigger jobs for the owner that does everything self

Latest update: July 11, 2010, some minor adjustments.

My visit to Wolfsburg in 2001
Over 200 photos!

My visit to Karmann in Osnabrück in 2008
Many photos from the Karmann Collection!

Download the complete owners manual for 1977 US Beetle and Cabrio!




Buyers Guide
Body and rust
The top
Chrome and mouldings
Import from USA
Is everything there?
Chassis, mechanics and customized
Prices and conclusion

Year by year
Differences year by year
The rear window (pictures of all variations)
The engine lid (pictures of all variations)

The US model

Tips and tricks.
Fold it properly!
Do you turn the mirror?
Build an aeroboard

The shrinking top
Problems with the rear window?
Are the "Cabrio-sills" there?
Are the door chinks to wide?
The front bow
To renew the side wires on the top

Do it your self
New top on VW Cabrio
New cabriosills!
New semaphores?
A Cabrio 1958 restoration


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