VW K 70 1973Just some VW Badges, and the car was ready!

Why VW didn't just stop the K 70 and let the project die is a mystery. VW never promoted the car whole-heartedly, their "own" 411/412 was the same size and nearly the same prize. The K 70 Estate was scrapped because that car really would have been too much competition for the 411/412 Wagon. The K70 fit poorly into the VW program since it didn't have any parts in common with other models. Service departments had to learn completely new routines for this car -- a car that sold in such low figures. From November 1970 to December 1974, only some 210,082 cars were made. This was the shortest production run of any VW model, but it may have paved the way for the new water-cooled models that came in 1973 and 1974.

The European press was impressed with the K 70 and it was voted car of the year 1970-71 in Sweden. No radical changes were made to the car during its production. Initial flaws related to noise, the seats and heating, were corrected. The 1972 model was fitted with stronger bumpers. The 1973 model had a slightly modified front designed to reduce the air resistance. The 90 hp engine was replaced in May 1973 with a 100 hp engine. During the car's last year of production, the safety steering wheel from 412 was fitted as was a new electrical system adapted for VW's computer diagnostic system.

More nice K 70 pics:
K 70 K 70 K 70 and aeroplane K 70 luggage

K 70 trough
Cut trough


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NSU K 70

K 70 began as

VW K 70

And became

K 70 Estate

But, what is this?

K 70 Taxi

K 70 as Taxicab?

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