How to make an NSU to a VW


NSU K 70 A water-cooled, front wheel drive car from Volkswagen in 1970? Well, in the
beginning, the car wasn't actually intended to be a Volkswagen -- this was a case of some "badge-engineering."

The NSU K 70 was set to go public in March 1969, but plans were halted just weeks before the launch as Volkswagen took over Auto-Union, which included both AUDI and NSU.

The NSU K 70 was intended to compliment the rotary-engine powered NSU Ro 80. Auto-Union, and NSU in particular, was in bad financial shape since the Ro 80 engine didn't meet with expectations. Although the K 70 was a step backward in terms of its more conventional body and engine, it was still a very modern car for the late sixties. The car featured front wheel drive, beautiful road holding, a nice roomy interior, a large luggage compartment, and a high standard for safety.

On the other hand, VW was seeking the technology necessary to switch from its antiquated air-cooled/rear-engine designs to modern cars with water-cooled engines and front wheel drive. Volkswagen's Polo/Golf/Passat range of cars were developed from Audi designs. Read on...

NSU K 70

K 70 began as

VW K 70

And became

K 70 Estate

But, what is this?

K 70 Taxi

K 70 as Taxicab?

The picture above is from the German motor magazine:Markt

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