K 70 Taxi Yes, obviously VW tried to market the K 70 as taxicab in Sweden. It would probably have made a good taxi, considering its roomy interior and large luggage compartment. Unfortunately the K 70 found no success as taxi in Sweden -- I never saw any on the streets. It was used as taxi in Germany, however: I got word that one was still in use in Berlin as recent as 1997! I have also received mail from Finland reporting that several of the cars were used as taxicabs there. This picture is taken from from a simple leaflet that I found in a market.
The rear of the leaflet looks like this:Taxi fram o bak

NSU K 70

K 70 began as

VW K 70

And became

K 70 Estate

But, what is this?

K 70 Taxi

K 70 as Taxicab?

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