VW Karmann Ghia Coupé 1958
This car has only had three owners. The first owner had gone blind, and had not been able to drive the car for many years until he died. The second owner also took good care and didn't drive it much.

The car is in very good original and unrestored condition. The front has been resprayed at some time, but I can see no sign of accident or other damage.

When I bought it in 1986, the car had 51500 kms on the meter and 2002 it reads 65000 kms. I've never had to perform any major repairs - only normal service.

It is beautiful to drive. Roadholding is much better then Beetles of the same year and fuel consumtion is very low, less then 7 liters/100km. But with only 30 hp it is a very slow sportscar!
Ghia58 logo engine int. front

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