Scirocco TS 1974
This is one of my favorite cars. When I took my licence in ´74 the Scirocco was launched, but I had no possibility to buy a brand new car, so it was just a car to dream of.
In July 2000 I had a call from an elderly lady who I have had contact with before. At that time she did not want to sell the car, but now she had taken ill and could no longer drive.
A really nice unrestored original car only driven 100000 km´s (64000 miles). Almost rustfree, carefully driven, well taken care of... was I dreaming?
Click on the thumbnails, especially the one of the speedo! Text on those pages are in both English and Swedish.
NEW! Updated photos from 2005. The car now has VW original aluminum wheels and some other improvements

New photos from 2005 with orig. aluminum wheels

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