What an improvement over earlier Volkswagens!

The interior of a VW 412

Picture from original leaflet on 412 LE 1973

A drivers dream?

Yes and no. It was fairly quiet and comfortable and the front seats were particularly comfortable. The interior was roomy and the Estate, with two luggage compartments, made for an ideal family car. Since much of the car's weight was over the drive wheels, the car performed well on snowy roads, but the lack of weight near the front of the car made icy or slippery roads very dangerous. It was foolish to drive during the winter months without putting 50 kg extra in the front luggage compartment. The lack of weight in the front of the car, and the fact that it was very sensitive to wind, made any attempt to test the top speed of approximately 150 km/h an interesting experience -- the front felt as though it would lift at any moment, and the steering was VERY light!


The interior was high quality and the front seats were very comfortable. I once spoke with a SAAB 99 owner who had put Volkswagen seats in his SAAB because they were better! The lack of a tunnel and console in the middle contributed to the spaciousness. Why is it that all new cars today have huge consoles, making it almost impossible to move from one seat to another? The only thing I dislike is the imitation wood on the dashboard. Perhaps it was necessary for the cars destined for the U.S. market. Since those were the only that had imitation wood.

All these points make the car so fun and interesting. Someone must take care of these cars, they are Volkswagens, and there aren't many left...

VW 411

It began with 411

VW 412

412, a facelift?

412 interior

A dream to drive?

412 see trough

A technical wonder?

VW electronic

The brain!

Gallery Four!

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