VW 412 Estate 1973


VW 412 Estate 1973, front


August 1972 brought the last major changes with the launch of the 1973 models. The front became "sharper," the bumpers and turnlights moved to a higher position, in part, to meet U.S. regulations. In the U.S. the bumpers were really large, ugly things. In the rear, the bumper was raised higher. Technical changes were few, however: a firmer suspension and stronger brakes, a safety steering wheel, and a new electrical system featuring computer diagnosis! A bunch of wires went to different parts of the car, and were supposed to measure a number of things with the help of a computer. It did not work. Volkswagen renamed the car to 412 to make everyone think that the changes were bigger than they really were.


VW 411 Estate and 412 Estate, rear


The rear was altered too, featuring a higher-positioned bumper and a modified rear hatch with smaller taillights for the Estate (412 nearest in the picture). The name change and a massive advertising campaign actually worked - the 1973 model sold fairly well.
In 1974, the final year of production, twin carburettors returned, and displacement rose to 1.8 liters, producing 85 hp (DIN). Despite the improvements, the type 4's days were numbered. The VW Passat (Dasher) was introduced the same year and suddenly rendering the 412 very old, expensive, and almost impossible to sell. After only seven years of production, the last of some 355,163 cars was built in May 1974.

The lower picture is taken from the german motormagazine: Oldtimer Markt

VW 411

It began with 411

VW 412

412, a facelift?

412 interior

A dream to drive?

412 see trough

A technical wonder?

VW electronic

The brain!

Gallery Four!

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