On the 12:th of August 1968...


VW 411 1969


...a new big Volkswagen was introduced: the VW 411, or type 4. The 1969 model featured big, very noticeable oval headlights. After only one year, the oval headlights were replaced with two pairs of normal round headlights and the VW-logo was moved from bonnet to the front of the car. As with all previous VW's, the air-cooled engine was mounted in the rear. The construction was new, however, featuring twin carburettors, 1.7 liters and 68 hp (DIN) at 4500 rpm.
The interior was spacious, wider and longer than the type 1 or type 3. The floor was flat, providing lots of space for driver and passengers. Due to the longer front end and horizontal spare tire storage, the front luggage compartment was much larger then earlier; the petrol tank continued to be situated in the front. The rear luggage compartment was very small in the Sedan and could only be reached from inside the car.


VW 411 1970


1969 brought Electronic Fuel Injection!
With only 68 hp, a none-too-reliable pair of carburettors and a curb weight of 1020 kg for the 2-door Sedan and 1100 kg for the Estate, a stronger engine was necessary. The answer was the fairly new invention: Electronic Fuel Injection. The improved motor now produced 80 hp (DIN) - the Beetle still had only 44 hp! The reliability of the car also improved: as an example, my car always started in the winter, even after several days at -20 °C when many Volvos wouldn't! Unfortunately, fuel consumtion rose: 11 liters per 100 km was quite normal.


VW 411 estate 1972


VW 411 Estate (Stationwagon)
Compared to the Sedan versions, the Estate that arrived as a 1970 model had a fantastic load capacity! The large, but somewhat low, loading area at the rear and the fairly large space at the front was unbeatable! I learned to appreciate this a lot when I drove my 412 Estate as an everyday car for some years about ten years ago. While the Sedan was sold with either two or four doors, the Estate was only avaliable with two doors.

 The pictures above shows:

  • VW 411 twodoor Sedan 1969
  • VW 411 fourdoor Sedan 1970. This car has wider rims and wider tires than original.
  • VW 411 Estate 1972,picture from original leaflet.

The two first pictures are taken from the German motormagazine:Oldtimer Markt

VW 411

It began with 411

VW 412

412, a facelift?

412 interior

A dream to drive?

412 see trough

A technical wonder?

VW electronic

The brain!

Gallery Four!

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