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What is this Type 1, Type 2, Type 3, Type 4 ?

VW K 70

K 70 bagan as...
And became...
    K 70 pic 1
    K 70 pic 2
    K 70 pic 3
    K 70 luggage
    K 70 cut trough.
K 70 Estate
K 70 Taxi
Wolfsburg 2001
VW Museum
Castle Wolfsburg

VW 411 and 412

412, a facelift?
A dream to drive?
A technical wonder?
The brain
VW Porsche 914
The Brazilian SP2
Gallery Four
(contains several pages of different Type 4:s around the world)

VW Hebmüller

Hebmüller history
Hebmüller prototype
Hebmüller policecar
A Hebmüller in England
Hebmüller production figures
Hebmüller, rear end
Bob Shaills Heb
     Dig it out!
     Half way

My Karmann Cars

My Cabrio 1951
    On the beach
    On the beach again
    On the beach with Split
    Bonus pic: Split in winter
    In Malvern Link, England
    On the island of Gotland
My Karmann Ghia 1958
    Ghia pic 1
    Ghia pic 2
    Ghia pic 3, logo
    Ghia pic 4, engine
    Ghia pic 5, dash
    Ghia pic 6, front
Scirocco 1974
Golf Cabrio 1995 (sold in 2010)

The Key To VW Cabrio

New top on VW Cabrio

Cabrio Buyers Guide
Part 1 rust
Part 2 the top
Part 3 chrome and mouldings
Part 4 import from USA
Part 5 is everything there?
Part 6 chassis, mechanics etc
Part 7 prices and conclusion
Cabrio 1954
Cabrio 1956
Cabrio 1958
Cabrio 1965
Cabrio 1970
Cabrio 1974
Cabrio 1975
Luggage compartment 1302
US Cabrio ´77 manual
New cabriosills!
To renew the wires on the top
New Semaphores

     Rebuilding instruction
     Semaphore Lim-Cabrio comparison
Fold it properly!
Make an aeroboard!
    Easy - Easier - Hard - Nice - Ready
Restoration of a Cabrio 1958
     The car painted
Problems with the rear window?
The right rear window
The right rear bonnet
The Cabriosills
Are the doorchinks to wide?
The topframe
The top shrinks!
A gap above the windscreenframe?
The US Cabrio
     US Cabrio details
Rotate the mirror!

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