VW Karmann Cabriolet Type 1

VW Cabriolet 1302 LS model 1971, original photo from1970.

 If we don´t consider the watercooled Golf Cabriolet And the VW Eos there have been three Cabriolet:s officially sold by Volkswagen:

VW Karmann Cabriolet

VW Hebmüller Cabriolet

VW Karmann Ghia Cabriolet 1958-73

All these are based on VW type 1 (The Beetle). These pages is only about the VW Karmann Cabriolet, nothing else. This model was produced 1949-79 by Wilhelm Karmann GmbH in Osnabrück, Germany. 331 847 cars was made. This model has never been produced anywhere else, which is a common misunderstanding There are bodyshops that convert or have converted Beetles to cabrios, sometimes with good result, but mostly they look just horrible! There is no substitute for the real thing: a nice Karmann Cabriolet gives you real value for money and is great fun to drive!

You can try to convert a Beetle to Cabrio by yourself, but that is not an easy task. You can never get the bodyshape correct unless you are so skilled that you can build a new windscreenframe, reshape the doors, the rear and build a proper frame for the top. It will be so expensive and take so many hours of work that to buy a real VW Cabrio will be cheap in comparison. There has been conversion kits to buy, the car here on the left is based on a kit, but as you can see it is nowhere near the real thing.

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