Peter´s 412

Peter Tirrell in Oklahoma, USA has owned his 412 since new. Hes now going to restore it.
Here are some "before" pictures. I belive this is a fairly small job, as the condition of the car seems to be good.
We will ad some "after" pictures when Peter has finished the car.

Twodoor Coupé. The bumper overriders and sidepositioning lights in the turnsignal was only for the US-market.

The interior really needs attention. The thing dangling under the steeringwheel is the fusebox. Very hard to get at!

Sealed Beam Headlights, US only. You change the whole headlight when the bulb goes.

The rear turnsignal is read. And include sidepositioning light.
A fact is that you very easily can put sideposition lights in the European cars to.
This is a standard 412 with Fuel Injection and 75 hp. You can see this on the badge that says only "412"

There will be more pics later!

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