164 hp! Who has more?

This 411 from 1970 has a 2,8 litres 164 hp Ford Granada engine, dual coolers (Ford Taunus at front and VW Passat at rear). Sidepipes with, according to the owner, brutal sound. The wheels are Blue Borbet with Pirelli 205/15 at front and Michelin 235/16 at rear. A sunroof 1x2 meters is fitted. Interior in white and blue. Maxspeed 210 km/h. The car won first prize in category others (Karmann, Type 2, 3, 4and Thing) at VW Attack 1999 Harrachov, Czech Republic. The Question is: has anyone any Type 4 that is hotter? If so send in pics and information. The proud owner is Ivan Plachy VW411@seznam.cz

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