Pär Sandström in Sweden have sent these nice pics on his, a friends and an abandoned car. Above you see Pär´s 1600 TLE 1970, Gunnar Dahlström´s (friend of family) 412 LE 1973 and his K 70, now sold.

411 with caravan

Let us start with this 411 from ´72. Pärs parent ran it without problems for 100000 km´s , but sold it when Pär was born in 1977.


Pärs recently bought this 411


It seems to be in very good condition


Gunnar Dahlström have this 412 from 1973


According to Pär is it as new!


Gunnar also owns this wrecked 411 that he once got fror free.


This 411 was seen by Pär a couple of years ago, seemingly abandoned, what happened to it is unknowned.

Thans Pär for sending me this nice collection of pics!

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